Women Sandals with Rio Red Crystal Glass Stone
Women Sandals with Rio Red Crystal Glass Stone

Rio Red Crystal Glass Stone Woman Sandal (0102006021536)

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Price : $25.90(Vat included)
Discounted : $20.13(Vat included)

We suggest you choose the number 1 larger than your foot number.


For Red Love *** Are you among those who cannot give up red color? Then Rio Red Stone Sandals are for you.

- Base height is 1 cm.

- The number is in silver.

- White, blue, red color glass crystal stones are used.

- Crystal glass stones are with nails. Unless we receive a hard blow, the stones of the product do not fall.

- Flat is the base.

- It does not cause any discomfort to your feet as the part between the fingers is bent

- You can adjust it according to your ankle. In this way, the product wraps your feet and allows you to walk comfortably.


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